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Genuine Nadi Astrologer in India

Best Nadi Astrologer in India

A. Siva Guru Swamy stands as India's most Genuine Nadi astrologer. With an extensive 35-year tenure in Nadi Astrology, he has established an unparalleled renown for leading numerous individuals towards clarity and purpose. Leveraging celestial alignments and age-old scriptures, he unveils the enigmas of the past, sheds light on the present, and charts a course for the future. Through empathetic consultations, seekers encounter life-altering discoveries, transforming each session into a profoundly intimate and illuminating journey. The word of A. Siva Guru Swamy's exceptional precision and unwavering dedication has transcended India's borders. Clients from every corner of the globe and even beyond its realms seek his counsel for insightful profundities and revolutionary disclosures.

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Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology

Nadi astrology, rooted in ancient India, involves predictive insights transcribed onto palm leaves by revered sages. These palm leaves, known as "Nadi," hold generations of wisdom. Though its exact origins remain enigmatic, Nadi astrology is thought to have thrived for centuries, especially in Tamil Nadu. It revolves around Nadi texts, encompassing elaborate prognostications tailored to individuals, often derived from thumbprints or distinctive characteristics. This mystical tradition's historical intricacies, preserved through palm leaves, contribute to its allure and continued relevance. Nadi astrology encompasses diverse strains, including Agastya Nadi is attributed to the sage Agastya and is popular in the southern regions of India. Revered for its accuracy, it offers profound insights into an individual's life journey, influenced by planetary positions at birth. Another notable variant is Siva Nadi written by Sivavakkiyar, it focuses on personalized predictions based on thumbprints or other distinctive attributes.

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Online Nadi Astrology

Online Nadi Astrology

Experience the profound realm of Online Nadi Astrology through Sivanadi. Seamlessly connect with our skilled astrologers via platforms like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, enjoying personalized readings from the sanctuary of your home. Our specialty lies in virtual Nadi consultations, where your unique cosmic imprints – left thumbprints for females and right thumbprints for males – unlock a tapestry of insights into your life, relationships, career, and beyond. Expertly harnessing celestial energies, our astrologers unveil predictions, meticulously translating and recording them in MP3 format. Embrace genuine and accurate revelations, as Sivanadi guides you towards an enriched destiny.

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Prediction done one on one with an experienced astrologer in your nearest branch and will be given a copy of your birth chart and Audio CD of the prediction.

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Prediction done through video or audio call with the comfort of staying in your home and you will be sent an audio recording to your email id.

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A rapid way to get a prediction for our very pre-occupied Customers, is to fill in the form below and send us and you will be sent an Audio recording to your email too.

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  • Written by Sivavakkiyar
  • Leaves Rare to Find
  • Customers Favorite
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Agasthya Nadi

  • Written by Agasthyar
  • Cost Effective
  • Much Older Leaves

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