Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi Astrology ?

Nadi Astrology is a discipline used to discover one’s past and eventual fate of people with the help of antiquated palm leave manuscripts, made by Rishi munis around 1200 BC through their profound knowledge , and making use of one’s thumb creases to find related manuscripts to make predictions.

The 18 siddhars such as kalangi Nathar, Agasthyar, Konganaar, sivavakkiyar, Idaikadar, Bogar, etc. who influenced many Tamil literature and philosophy and would give solutions and advice to common people, who later decided to extend the service and help the future generations too by writing down unabridged texts about one’s life in palm leaf manuscripts regarding one’s past life, present and future at its entirety to help them their beyond time.

But these manuscripts needed some skills to decipher and understand in order to make proper valid predictions about future and it was believed that valluvars who served Pallava kings expertise at it and they started doing that as an occupation and helped many.

These valluvars passed down their teachings to their progenies and they practised this astrology for a living and we started this in 1802 as sivanadi centre In Vaitheeswaran koil , a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Siva or vaithi (healing) and eeswaran (Lord Siva ) and worshipped him as we belong to valluvars of meikanda nadhar gotra and followers of Shaivism worshiping Lord shiva. And since then have done predictions to people of all color and race.

Thus our family of nadi astrologers at the Vaitheeswaran Temple thus have long been associated with the practice of predicting future as our forefathers did. But there is proliferated increase of Nadi astrology centres surrounding the temple now with little to no credibility making predictions that has caused doubt and debate the legitimacy of nadi astrology.

Being the oldest nadi astrology centre by serving since 1802, as 4th generation of astrologers , we are the most authentic and genuine nadi astrologer as in the words of thousands of satisfied customers who have visited us through out the years.

Why should you do it ?

Many have questions, confusion and face problems with their personal life, professional life, relations, etc and all of our problems are unique problems that need unique solution , personalised based on our unique circumstances and not something generic so, that’s where nadi astrology helps, by finding solutions to all of those specific needs and help you tackle your future problems too by predicting them ahead and prime yourself for it beforehand.

How is Nadi Astrology different from other astrology forms ?


• No proof of history
• No proof of skill and authenticity
• Not personalised and vague
• Costs more but gives solution to one or two problems only
• Not privacy secure
• Doesn’t talk about one’s past life
• Compels you to do remedies
• No guarantee on money spent
• Extra costs for Additional questions and doubts

Nadi Astrology

• Nadi astrology has been proved and linked to the valluvars of Pallava kings
• Serving since 1802, as 4th generation astrologers, all of our astrologer have at least 15 years of experience
• No two problems are same, so the answers are also specific to needs
• Full Life prediction at a reasonable cost
• 100% privacy secure
• All predictions describe one’s past life too
• Remedies will be done only on your will
• 100% Refund , if not satisfied
• A live doubt clearing session after all predictions

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