Our Journey

It all started with our ancestors who were predestined to make predictions as valluvars to the rich and royals especially the Pallava kings that they served for.

Even though valluvars were all meant to be a priest of some sort as they are the only ones who are destined to do these.

Few forsake the profession due to the low and unstable income it provided and started pursuing other careers over this.

But a very devoted and passionate but a poverty stricken father passed down this teaching to his exuberant young son at a very young age hoping this sanctified service wouldn’t get defunct over time but the kid wondered why only the rich and royals were the only ones that were rightful of this when everyone had karma or life’s purpose to fulfil and many problems surrounding it, he wondered why only they were earned this benefit over the rest ,many times over throughout this adulthood.

And that is where it all started , the idea of making this sacred service available to everyone irrespective of their background, colour ,race, ethnicity. And just like Guruji. S. Vaidhyanathan started to go around many parts of India and provided his predictions to everyone who needed and seeked him.

When he returned back to Vaitheeswarankoil in 1802 ,He with the help of other nadi astrologers built a Nadi Astrology Centre called Sivanadi and he passed down his teaching to his own son Guruji. S. Vetrivel who then took incharge of the Nadi Centre, then passed it down his son Guruji. S. V. Arumugam ,who was well known astrologer himself was determined in giving his son best and making him one to be remembered , especially after he told him that he wanted to do what his valued the most ,so he started training his son Guruji. A.Siva Guru Swamy, who was very enthusiastic about astrology as his father studied many books, literature about nadi astrology that was only available to the nadi astrologers and he completed his training at very young age of 20 and only other who attained this privilege was Guruji. S. Vaithiya Nathan and he was praised by many for his achievement but he started his teachings to siblings and cousins and accorded them his blessings

This was unlike how it was before where this skill and wisdom was so discreet that only one of their own children will have the teachings passed down to. Hence, all his cousins and siblings with the potential learnt and trained under his supervision and with enough experience started working under him too. Hence, people would get to have their prediction done with authentic and qualified nadi astrologers just when they need it the most as opposed to having them wait weeks to just to get genuine prediction.

But the Authenticity and quality is not compromised as Guruji made sure that no ones questions his decision by making them train for 10-15 years at least and have at least 10-30 years of experience before starting to work under him.

And just like that we completed around 218 years with 4th generation in this sacred and divine assistance through Sivanadi Astrology. we would like to thank our customers who have helped us made this far and we think this was all possible because we value our customers and their satisfaction over anything.

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